Conference Paris Place d’Arbitrage / Paris place of Arbitration, 30 November 2016

Yesterday, a conference organized by the Association Paris Place d’Arbitrage has brought International Arbitration practitioners together at the Hôtel des Arts et Métiers. The speakers discussed the new arbitration agreement according to the Law “Justice du 21ème siècle”. The conference was followed by a Cocktail reception.

The “small” world of arbitration is not only reserved for the “biggest ones”

Arbitration is not only reserved for the “biggest ones” but has a real interest for natural persons and SME’s. If you want to know the reasons, please read the report of the arbitration breakfast I attended:

Compte rendu du petit-déjeuner du 2 février 2016 : « Le « petit » monde de l’arbitrage n’est-il réservé qu’aux plus « grands » ? »