Cabinet Jasmin Schmeidler - Paris


We adapt our legal fees (amount and method of determination) to the needs of each client and take into account, among others, the complexity of the case, the particular situation of each client, and the number of hours required to establish a legal act or to resolve a case.

We propose to our clients three methods to determine fees:

  • Fees invoiced on time-spent basis

The hourly rate is variable and depends, among others, on the complexity of the case, its duration, the needs and the situation of our client.

A degressive rate may be proposed to the client.

  • Fixed fee

Consists of an overall compensation package for a determined service, independently of the number of hours spent.

  • Additional success fee

Determination of an additional fee depending on the result obtained by our client.  Vice versa, the fixed fee or the fee invoiced on a time-spent basis is reduced.

We sign a fees agreement with our client before any work on a file and may ask for a provision before carrying out any work.