Avocat en droit du commerce international et droit des sociétés


  • Contract negotiations (domestic and international contracts)
  • Advice prior to the elaboration of a contract
  • Contract drafting

Dr. Jasmin Schmeidler has a broad experience in negotiating, drafting and adapting contracts to the legal environment. If you intend to negotiate a contract or if you need advice prior to the drafting of a contract, Dr. Schmeidler informs you about the important elements to take into account whilst negotiating and drafting a contract. She can assist or represent you during contract negotiations and she is regularly drafting domestic and international contracts in different sectors.

Dr. Schmeidler also helps you to adapt existing contracts to a new legal environment. If you intend to extend your activity to other countries than the country of the seat of your company, you may need to adapt the existing contracts to the new market. Dr. Schmeidler will ensure that the new contract is compatible with all the regulations that apply in the new legal environment.